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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to Change your Chain

Why must I change my chain? It doesn’t look like it’s worn off and it still is working fine!

Oh yes, that statement is true but you are plainly judging from your naked eye. If you fail to change the chain when it is due, you are shortening the lifespan of your cassette and gear on the crank. Then, you might even need to change your drivetrain!

Penny wise, Pound foolish then.

So how do we measure age of the chain? All you need is a ruler.

  • If the distance between one pin to another pin is an exact measurement of ½ inch. It means your chain is in good condition and you don’t have to change the chain.
  • If the distance between one pin to another is reaching 1 inch, you should consider replacing the chain.
  • If the distance between one pin to another has passed 1 inch, you MUST change the chain! Check also your sprocket, crank and Rear Derailleur pulleys. These components might also be worn off.
  • Basically the total lifespan of a chain wear is approximately 2,000km to 2,500km; whereas the good condition is very much dependent on the maintenance of the chain.

By Sonny Ardi

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kayuhan ke Kelly Castle

Sunday (6 March 2011) : Ride to Kelly Castle

Kayuhan hari ni, kami ke Kelly Castle. Bermula dari rumah masing-masing. Macam gua dari rumah gua di Taman SPPK la...yang lain ramai dari Taman Koperasi Ampang (geng surau). Berkumpul di Taman Botani dan masuk ke estet pukul 9:00am dan sampai di Kelly Castle 10:50am. Kayuhan seramai lebih kurang 10 - 11 orang. Kelly Castle yang penuh dengan sejarah tersendiri. Untuk mengetahui sejarahnya yang lebih lanjut sila layari

Perjalanan pulang berpecah kepada dua kumpulan... kumpulan pertama seramai 9 orang dan kumpulan kedua 2 orang iaitu gua dan Fendi. Perjalan pulang yang penuh cabaran iaitu dikejar lembu dan sesat dalam estet. Gelabah dan cuak gak... tapi apa2 pun alhamdulillah kami selamat sampai ke destinasi masing-masing.

Bukit Kinding Resort Jamboree

27hb February gua join Bukit Kinding Jamboree sebagai "Ghost Rider" (tanpa daftar). Gua sempat ambil beberapa gambar aje. Kayuhan tak berapa jauh cuma 28km aje...tapi sepanjang hampir 20km kayuhan adalah "uphill climbing". Banyak kali juga gua berhenti untuk minum dulu!! hahahaha.. apa2 pun gua complete challenge dengan masa kayuhan selama 2jam 45 minit...hehehehe